banner01-700x490-fill-crop-constrain-banners We’re sure that there are many reasons for attending a Digital In Kent conference.

But these are the top ten that haven been chosen by our staff from the many that have been given to us from the businesses that attend.

  • Be informed and inspired by UK social media and digital industry experts
  • Learn practical hands on techniques in a choice of FIVE workshops
  • Generate leads and start or grow your online reach
  • Network and trade tips with other digital marketers
  • Get your marketing questions answered by experts
  • Widen your knowledge of the ‘digital world’ and ‘social media’ and come away with masses of powerful information
  • Meet potential clients and create new contacts
  • Meet your social media connections in the flesh and connect with key influencers
  • Keep up with the latest topical issues, trends and techniques with our speed sessions
  • Get inspired and go back to your business full of amazing new ideas