Digital in Kent

Digital in Kent is a annual event held in Kent to help you and your business discover how to be different with your digital marketing, how to stand out and succeed.

10 Digital Marketing Terms You Should Know Are you familiar with these 10 Digital Marketing Terms?

If you’re not an expert or you’ve just started to dive into marketing online, you may have come across some digital marketing terms that you’re not too sure about. In this article we will look at 10 Digital Marketing terms and what they mean. Of course, there are many more terms than this, but these

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Twitter for business: What should you Tweet today? How to use Twitter for Business

Hopefully you already know that pictures of your last meal, complaints about traffic on your way to work and check-ins at the local pub are off limits when it comes to a business account on Twitter. You don’t have to just stick to your industry’s news and updates on your business twitter page, here are

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