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Marketing Trends for 2016

Marketing Trends for 2016 Here are 3 marketing trends for 2016

Marketing Trends for 2016

Many industry experts are already betting on what comes next for marketing and communications and while some of the trends may seem obvious others can affect your ROI if you do not consider them.

Marketing Trends for 2016

Here are 3 marketing trends for 2016:

Social media presence continues to be a ‘must’

The internet boom is not a trend, it is a reality. 76% of adults now own smartphones and 53% of smartphone users check their phones within 5 minutes of waking up!

However, this doesn’t mean that every business needs to go social media mad, what is needed is a considered approach. Research who your target audience is and where are online – once you know this you can begin to build your online reputation, connecting and engaging with your audience, developing your existing relationships and turning prospects into clients.  Building your online influence will allow you to persuade your potential customers and retain clients.

You target audience data is key to making the right decisions

Successful marketing campaigns are based on the collection, analysis and use of information that tells us when and where customers spend their time and allows us to analyse their behaviour. And, data has evolved, it’s no longer just about age or where they live your data needs to reflect more detail such as what they have for breakfast, how they work, where they like to go for a coffee, etc.

Analysing this data will allow you to create more effective, targeted messages and strategic campaigns. Consequently, you’ll understand the behaviour of your target audience and, more importantly, create an emotional connection.

Forget the funnel – lifecycle marketing

Marketing is becoming more niche, more segmented – our contacts want communications that speak to them and them alone. No two customers are the same and the challenge of marketing now is to offer customers personalised answers. This will mean more work for the company but less effort for the customer, which is what matters and good automation software can help to create automatic responses

This is how Inc, Digital Marketer and Forbes see 2016.

Do you agree?

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By Geni Ramos