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Thomas Power

Director, Electric Dog

How do I make money and save money with Blockchain?

  • What is Blockchain?
  • Why is Blockchain?
  • How do I make money and save money with Blockchain?

About Thomas

Thomas Power has been online for 25 years since 1991 when the World Wide Web begun and since then Thomas has been reading, studying, listening, networking, conferencing and aggregating knowledge throughout the world developing predictions of what is to come next.

In 1995 Thomas created the world’s first internet auction for Mercedes-Benz while working for Urban Science in Detroit.

In 1998 Thomas began the world’s first social network for business people Ecademy with Penny Power which was acquired by a large insurance company in 2012.

In 2007 Thomas was a Board Member at QXL Ricardo PLC whose internet auction was acquired by Naspers of South Africa for £946m.

In 2009 Thomas accidentally discovered the mindset of the internet world ORS Open, Random, Supportive and in 2011 launched a questionnaire to test peoples suitability for working online, LeadORS.

The #ORS mindset has been adopted by Board Members all over the world and is popular on Twitter.

In 2010 Thomas predicted The Bank of Facebook and in 2014 Facebook gained its Banking license in Ireland.

In 2011 Thomas came to Hamilton Island as a guest of Rob Nixon and advised the audience to focus their attention on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and a Klout score of 70.

Thomas is here to talk to us about our journey from Social Media to The Internet of Things to Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence and what it all means to us, our businesses and how we can survive.

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Ken Herron

Chief Marketing Officer, Unified Inbox Pte Ltd

The Five Things You Should Be Doing Right Now on Social Media: The Global Best Practices for 2017

In 2017, the majority of companies, big and small, are not seeing the ROI from the investment of time and money they are making in their social media efforts. Ken will share 1) the current best practices for the top 12 global social networks, 2) his favourite content creation tools, and 3) the five things you and your business should be doing right now on your social media to grow your business — locally and globally!

  • The current best practices for the top 12 global social networks
  • Ken’s favourite content creation tools
  • The five things you and your business should be doing right now on your social media to grow your business!

About Ken

I increase world-class and emerging brands’ revenue and market share by using technology to develop stronger emotional connections between companies and their customers with new ideas, strategies, and tools.

Global, technology-fuelled marketing alchemist with proven leadership unleashing people’s creativity to effect successful business transformation.

Ranked the #2 Chief Marketing Officer on Twitter worldwide by “Social Media Marketing Magazine.”

Lead Singapore, New Zealand, India, Germany, UAE and US-based team to create and execute sales, product marketing, marketing communications, and public relations strategies to market and sell intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) messaging solutions for smart homes, smart industries (industry 4.0), and smart cities

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Becky Simms

MD, Reflect Digital

Link Building Rehab

Your physical website is the backbone to your SEO strategy, but without links it makes it hard for Google to judge the relevance of your website. We intend to demystify what the term ‘link building’ means, how to generate good links and why you should do this.

  • Why link building is still important
  • How to brainstorm ideas for content
  • How to outreach your content

About Becky

Becky Simms is the founder and managing director of multi award winning digital marketing agency Reflect Digital. The agency delivers market-leading solutions and campaigns covering everything from web design to search engine optimisation.  In 2016 Becky was runner up Digital Leader at the Wirehive100 awards.

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Carol McManus

Founder and Managing Partner, CKC Global Media

Harmonize Your Personal Brand and Your Business Brand

In a world of digital communication we can no longer separate our personal brand from our business. When the two are in sync and speak to the hearts and minds of your customers you will succeed. But when inconsistent messages and information show up on your Facebook page or in a Google search, you enter the danger zone. This lively session will give you insight, inspiration, and specific tools to ensure your success.

  • How to craft and nurture your personal brand
  • How to integrate your personal brand with your business objectives
  • The role social media plays in attracting and engaging your ideal client or customer

About Carol

Carol guides businesses and entrepreneurs to elevate their message and amplify their voice through speaking, broadcasting, publishing, and social media

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Steve Counsell

Digital Marketing Specialist, Trainer and Blogger

Master Your Digital Presence

  • What is Digital Marketing
  • Why Google doesn’t care about your keywords
  • How to drive traffic to your website

About Steve

Steve has worked across a range of businesses and has worked with some of the biggest names in UK and Europe including Virgin Media, BBC, Nestlé UK, Colt Telecom, Siemens, Transco, Boots, Sainsbury and Capita.

Steve has work in Digital Marketing since 2007 and enjoys helping businesses to achieve success in their online presence.

Steve now helps business through coaching and training in Digital Marketing.

Steve has a passion for content marketing and ‘micro content’. He has a wealth of skills in technology, photography and business processes as well as solid skills in content creation and marketing.

As Marketing Director for over 10 years, Steve runs a mixed traditional and digital marketing campaign for his own and client businesses.

Steve is an experienced copywriter and regularly writes articles for publication in various media.

Marketing and Communications (traditional and digital)

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Chris Bantock

Managing Director, BeSeen Marketing Ltd

Marketing and sales – symbiotic relationship to achieve outstanding results

In a digital world the roles of marketing and sales are merging like never before. Is marketing taking over part of the sales function? Is marketing making sales more efficient?

  • How to take your digital marketing to the next level
  • How automated marketing drives targeted engagement
  • Why marketing is making the sales department more efficient

About Chris

Passionate about assisting businesses to deliver results through the effective use of digital. From disrupting markets; driving sales and digital communications – finding the right mix for each business to drive growth.