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Twitter for business: What should you Tweet today?

Twitter for business: What should you Tweet today? How to use Twitter for Business

twitter for business

Hopefully you already know that pictures of your last meal, complaints about traffic on your way to work and check-ins at the local pub are off limits when it comes to a business account on Twitter. You don’t have to just stick to your industry’s news and updates on your business twitter page, here are some ideas that will not only get you more followers but also add value to your Twitter page.

What do YOU think?

Involve your followers by asking them questions – this is really important when using Twitter for business. Let them make minor decisions on your next business; this will make them feel important and valued. Or set up a poll and ask them to vote. These are fool-proof ways to engage your followers and get to know your target audience more. Put them at the heart of your product or service by using social media.

Humans work here

You mightwitter for businesst have the strongest brand in terms of design but what people really want to know is who is behind it? Who is in your business? Take a photo of the team hard at work in the office, introduce yourselves – get personal! Appealing to your target audience is so much easier when they can see you’re just like them and not a bunch of robots in an inconspicuous location. Using Twitter for business isn’t just about what your business does, it’s about who you are too.

Here’s our Blog

Is there a popular topic of conversation amongst your followers at the moment? What are they liking and talking about? Write a blog post about it! As well as covering topics about your business expertise and advice, there’s no harm in writing fun articles that will inform and entertain your audience. Even ask your followers a question and learn from their answers what you could help them with. For example: What do you find most challenging in digital marketing? Base your next blog post on their answers.

Have some fun

It doesn’t all have to be serious. Humour really appeals so don’t be afraid to use it in your Tweets and images – this will really humanise your btwitter for businessusiness. Perhaps a colleague spilt coffee all down their white shirt? Take a pic of that and give people a giggle! Everyone loves a meme too, if you see a good one that’s neither offensive, political or religious – use it and your followers will enjoy following you not solely for informative news. Furthermore, motivational posts are a good idea to try out as you can show your followers that you really understand how hard they work!

Do a deal

Exclusivity for your followers is always a winner. What can you offer them to make them feel special? A discount? A free product trial? A competition? These are things to think about to obtain loyal customers who will truly feel part of your business. Even a free consultation (if that is part of your business products), as a result your followers will keep coming back for more and are more likely to engage with you.

Share the love

Seen something awesome that someone has Tweeted? Retweet it! Moreover, mention what you like about it and thank the pertwitter for businessson/business for tweeting it originally.  Finally the same applies for if you have received a glowing review, don’t be afraid to showcase it and thank the person who gave you the review by mentioning them (by first name) in the tweet. Twitter for business has never been simpler!

Hopefully these ideas have given you some food for thought. Use those characters wisely and above all happy Tweeting! If you would like to learn more about digital marketing book now on our Digital in Kent Conference 2018.

Katie Rose